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LCCI - Thinking Differently: creative problem solving and the digital mindset
COVID-19 has forced businesses to think differently. Whether that’s about what they do, how they do it, or whether they should be doing something new, decisions are having to be made more quickly and with agility not seen before. People’s goodwill, and business needs, have generated the conditions for creative approaches and a delivery focus that have provided real results.

As the situation evolves, maintaining the use of creative problem solving, and avoiding a return to ‘how things used to be’ will help businesses focus on continuing to deliver value.

In this webinar, Helen Fawcett, Head of Business Consulting, and Alex Waterston, Head of Data and Analytics at Waterstons, will discuss how to channel good outcomes and approaches to set you on the path to future success; and look at the steps you can take to make sure you can rapidly innovate and harness a digital mindset to keep your business relevant in changing times.

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