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LCCI: Post-Brexit and Covid-19: Exploring the new VAT landscape As UK businesses start to open up again following a difficult 2020, VAT IT is using its 20 years’ experience to take an in-depth look at the new VAT landscape that has been created, post-Brexit and Covid-19. In this webinar, we will highlight ways to boost your business's cash flow from previous T&E and AP expenses, and the mechanisms you will need utilise now that the UK has left the EU. Join our team of expert advisors and Indirect Tax specialists to understand how your business could effectively use VAT reclaim to its advantage and plan ahead to benefit from the UK’s new global trading landscape.

Guest Speakers: Marc Sevitz, Commercial Operations Manager, VAT IT
Marc is a Chartered Accountant and tax specialist with a focus on strategy and solving business problems. He has a passion for building fintech solutions as well as geopolitics and history.

Selwyn Stein, Managing Director, VAT IT
Selwyn has a deep knowledge of UK and EU indirect tax systems and has extensive experience in business management and finance. He currently oversees a cross-continent operation servicing large multi-national corporations and is an avid football fan.